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Summer Canoe Kayak students paddling on the Ottawa River near Petrie Island 8 Turtles basking in the sun on the trunk of a felled tree in a marsh Petrie Island Canoe Camp students hiking along the banks of Hog's Back Falls A lone boat drifts along the water of the Ottawa River as the Sun rises in the background.

Canoeing is our national heritage, more so than any other sport. Canoes have been bringing people together in this beautiful country since long before we were ever a country. Paddling is both a sport and a transformative experience. It puts you in touch with the natural world, both literally and figuratively. As P.E. Trudeau once said, “…paddle a hundred miles in a canoe, and you (become) a child of nature”.

Canoeing has spread worldwide. The International Canoe Federation boasts 167 national members, and Sprint Canoe-Kayak has been an Olympic sport since 1936. Boats have evolved to become sleeker and lighter, and athletes are faster than ever. Canada’s club system encourages family participation, fosters community involvement, and promotes a life-long love of our sport.

Have a Great Summer…Paddle with Us!

Petrie Island Canoe Club is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization, serving the community of Orléans by providing top-quality local recreation to people of all ages and abilities through its paddling programs. Paddlers immerse themselves in nature, exploring the waters surrounding Petrie’s ecological reserve.

“As a developing athlete, my coaches encouraged an intense but highly social program that kept our training group hungry for more work, and eager to take on new challenges. We worked hard, but in an environment with a lot of variety, where fun was always a major priority. Success came easily to our group as we made the transition to international competition because another challenge was just what we were looking for.”

Adam van Koeverden, Canadian Olympic Champion

Check out CanoeKayak Canada’s official website. To learn more about sprint canoe-kayak, visit

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Board of Directors

  • Commodore Sarah Kennedy – Sarah founded Petrie Island in 2013, as a satellite program of Rideau Canoe Club. She competed at the Jr. World Championships and won the Canadian Championships in 1995. Kennedy coached at Banook, Cheema, Lake Lanier, and Rideau Canoe Clubs.
  • Vice Commodore Elizabeth Orton – Elizabeth (Liz) raced at the Canada Games, and raced internationally for several years as a member of Canada’s National Canoe-Kayak Team. Orton coached at both the Ottawa River and Rideau Canoe Clubs.
  • Secretary Stefanie Marcus – Stefanie won the German Archery Championship in 1993. Marcus is a dedicated sports mom, who especially enjoys participating in recreational sports with her children.
  • Community Liaison Lynsey O’Brian – Lynsey has a rich background in Guiding, and in recreational Canoe-Kayak. O’Brien aims to make canoe-kayak accessible for future generations of Orléans youth.


  • Canoeing and kayaking has always been such an awesome part of our coaches’ lives, that now they want to share it with you! Petrie’s dynamic coaching team is highly qualified, and is committed to providing kids and adults with a summer full of fun and variety!

Mission Statement

Students clearing / pruning trails
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Petrie Island’s introductory kayak camps ran as a satellite program of Rideau Canoe Club from 2013-2015. In November, 2015, we became an independent club, in order to best serve our community.

Our Mission:

  1. To foster a sense of community, providing a fun, family-oriented and friendly environment, where individuals and families develop a sense of belonging.
  2. To offer a variety of paddling programs, providing paddling opportunities for all levels, ages and abilities.
  3. To support and promote development of paddlers who can be proud of individual and team accomplishments on and off the water.
  4. To manage club assets responsibly, through effective short and long term planning, strong management and fiscal control, continued growth and investment, and effective communication.
  5. To be good stewards of the environment, through our youth educational programs promoting ecological awareness and volunteerism, and by protecting clean waterways and natural ecosystems on and around Petrie Island.
  6. To promote gender equality and make paddling accessible to people with disabilities.

Equipment: Boats and Paddles

The club provides paddles, boats and kneeling pads for use by the membership and program participants. Petrie Island Canoe Club does not rent boats or paddling equipment to individuals.

The Petrie Island Canoe Club has very limited storage facilities at Petrie Island.

Coaches will provide advice to advanced paddlers wishing to acquire their own equipment.

Racing boat maintenance and repair of PICC-owned boats is the sole responsibility of the club and its designated volunteers.

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If you support youth activities in the Ottawa area and would like to help us out for the 2017 as either a Partner or an Awards Banquet Sponsor we would love to hear from you. We have a benefits package and invitation letter with your name on it. Just email with your name and contact info and we’ll be in touch in a few business days.