Volunteers keep the wheels turning at every canoe club. Volunteering builds lasting friendships, shows you care, and builds community within the club. There are many ways that you can make a difference! Consider joining the board, becoming an official, making regatta food, or helping to plan one of our events. Youth Racing families are expected to contribute a minimum of 10 hours of volunteer work each summer. It takes over 60 volunteers to run a two-day regatta, and our club is responsible to fill between 8 and 12 shifts at each. If you sign up early, there are always lots of different options available. Visit Canoe/Kayak Canada Eastern Ontario Division to learn more. If you’re interested in volunteering directly with our club, please contact Sarah Kennedy at commodore@petriecanoe.ca

Youth Leadership (14 to 16 years old)

Taking part in this program not only helps you meet high school volunteer requirements, it teaches you valuable skills you will need to succeed in any position of responsibility and leadership. Every spring, youth leaders take their CPR/First Aid and a practical safety boat course, in preparation to work as volunteers with Special Olympic Paddlers , and/or our Open Paddle. These sessions offer a perfect opportunity to practice safety awareness and coaching skills. There is always an experienced coach on-hand during these sessions.

Youth who wish to apply for a coaching job with Petrie Island Canoe Club are strongly encouraged to take at least one year of our leadership program first!


Please submit your resume to Sarah Kennedy at petriecanoe@gmail.com

U14 Canoe-Kayak Coaches

Starting Pay: $16.00/Hour
Number of Weeks: 12
Number of Hours per Week: 40.00


  • Valid CPR/First Aid (full certification required every two years, re-certification required every alternate year)
  • Canadian Boating License (Online test available from several accredited providers. See Transport Canada for a complete list)
  • Minimum of Community Coaching Certification Canoe Kids Course Info. This course will be held virtually on June 7, 9&10.
  • Police Records Check through Canoe Kayak Canada’s Safe Sport program, as part of the application process
  • Several years of experience as an athlete, especially in team sports
  • Sprint paddler an asset
  • Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross, or National Lifeguard Certification an asset
  • English/French bilingual an asset


  • Learn and apply all safety protocols
  • Operate a safety boat
  • Follow High-Five principles
  • Give instruction in both French and English
  • Teach youth, ages 8 to 14 years old safety, canoe-kayak skills, and equipment care.
  • Plan and lead activities and practices.
  • Prepare athletes for races. Plan, prepare, and coach regattas.
  • Coach canoe-kayak for children with disabilities, coach dragon boat to seniors.
  • Coach Open House Nights when requested.
  • Communicate with supervisor, coaches, administrator, paddlers, and parents.
  • Lead stewardship projects and facilitate ecological education
  • Teach history/heritage of the canoe, the Ottawa River, and Petrie Island.

Administrative Assistant

Starting Pay: $14.00/Hour
Number of Weeks: 12 to 16
Number of Hours per Week: 20 to 40


  • Valid CPR/First Aid
  • Canadian Boating License (Online test available from several accredited providers. See Transport Canada for a complete list)
  • Police Records Checks – take 6 to 8 weeks to process and are the applicants responsibility. Forms available online at Ottawa Police
  • English/French bilingual


  • Demonstrate excellent proficiency in both written and spoken French and English, addressing each in his/her preferred language.
  • Communicate with participants, coaches, parents, and supervisor, to optimize the organization of club activities.
  • General clerical duties including, but not limited to: answering phone calls and e-mails, mail distribution, filing, coordinating and maintaining records, and coordinating club activities.
  • Taking photos, and maintaining social media.
  • General support for camp activities, operating a safety boat, odd jobs.

Canada’s Summer Jobs Program asks that employers prioritize hiring the following groups of students: students with disabilities, Indigenous students, and students who belong to visible minorities. We encourage applicants to indicate in their resume if they are “priority” students.