Petrie Island Canoe Club Canoe Kids One-Week Recreational Camp

Canoe Kids is a one-week recreational canoe/kayak program for kids who simply want to have supervised fun on the water. Qualified coaches prioritize safety and fun while children learn about each type of watercraft, and practice all the basic recreational paddling techniques. Activities include swimming, stand-up paddling, kayaking, dragon boating, and recreational canoeing.


From July 4 to August 25


Eight one-week sessions – you can register for more than one session!

July 4 to 7 (4 Days)
July 10 to 14 (5 Days)
July 17 to 21 (5 Days)
July 24 to 28 (5 Days)
July 31 to August 4 (5 Days)
August 8 to 11 (4 Days)
August 14 to 18 (5 Days)
August 21 to 25 (5 Days)


Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm

If a practice is cancelled due to lightning, the make-up session will be held on Friday of the same week.

Registration Fees

4 Days: $300
5 Days: $375

Minimum Swimming Standards

Participants under 18 years of age MUST pass the “Swim to Survive” test.