Eight Week Summer Camp – Beginner & Intermediate Competitive

  • AGE: 8 to 14 Years
  • DATES: July 2 to August 24, 2019
  • TIME: Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 4:00pm with complimentary 1 hour before and after care (8:00am to 5:00pm)
  • LTAD LEVELS:Training to Train” or “Learning to Compete
  • PRICE: $1350
  • * Full-year Intermediate Program now available: $1750

Athletes practice paddling skills in a variety of boats, including single canoes and kayaks, team boats (2 and 4 person canoes/kayaks), and war canoe (C-15). Dryland training includes regular running, active games, and body weight circuits. Friends of Petrie Island provides paddlers with two hours/week of ecological education and hands-on stewardship activities.

The program’s intent is to introduce the growing athlete to a number of activities and skills that will help to facilitate athlete development to an optimal level. Beginners are welcome! This is the perfect program for you if you love being outdoors, and want to:

  • develop your overall fitness;
  • gain skills and coordination;
  • learn how to be a leader and a great teammate;
  • learn how to set goals and work towards them;
  • have fun and make life-long friends!

Eight Week Summer Camp – Advanced Competitive

Advanced Competitive athletes have their own dedicated coach, train year-round, practice mornings and evenings, compete at different regattas than younger athletes, and follow a year-long training plan designed specifically to meet their needs.

On weekdays during July-August, Advanced Competitive athletes generally have a single-boat practice in the morning, and may have team boats, and/or C-15 in the afternoon. Between morning & afternoon practices, athletes will be responsible for additional weights and running practices on their own.

Advanced Competitive is designed to accommodate the more experienced Canoe-Kayak athlete, respecting their individual needs, while preparing athletes for success at local, Provincial, National, and International Competitions.  Register for Advanced Competitive if you are a paddler 15+ and want to:

  • develop your overall fitness: strength, speed, balance, and coordination;
  • develop and refine canoe-kayak skills and technique;
  • develop self-discipline and a positive “can-do” mindset
  • learn how to be a leader and a great teammate;
  • learn how to set goals and work towards them;
  • have fun and make life-long friends!

Pre & Post-Summer practices are complimentary for Entry-level Youth Racing athletes (June/Sept)! Getting onto the water early helps athletes prepare well for a busy racing season, while fall training is the perfect time to tweak technique and get comfortable in the boat while clocking kilometers.  Full-year memberships are very affordable and enable athletes to continue honing their athletic skills on and off the water, with Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter Training. * Athletes are required purchase a City of Ottawa Youth Membership.

Spring/Fall Training (May-June/Sept-October), includes swimming, running, resistance, and on-water practices. Newer and younger athletes attend three practices per week (Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday), and paddle through September, while older and more experienced athletes may train as many as eight times per week, and stay on the water until late October.

Winter Training runs from November until May. PICC‘s Youth Racing athletes are busy cross-training.  Winter training includes cross-country skiing, swimming, running, team sports, functional fitness, wall-climbing, pool-paddling, and weights at a local gym. Select the number of practices per week you want to attend, and create the schedule that works best for you! * Athletes are required to purchase a City of Ottawa Youth Membership.

If you play other summer sports, and are looking for an awesome way to keep fit in your off-season, join us for the best variety of cross-training in town! Intermediate athletes as young as 12 years may participate in three sessions a week. Athletes in our Advanced Competitive program (15 years and up) may come to as many as nine sessions! We offer an incredible variety of activities, designed to build well-rounded athletes, and to keep them in optimal shape for the racing season!