About Us

History OPEN

In 2013, Rideau Canoe Club opened Petrie Island’s first learn-to-kayak camps, directed by Sarah Kennedy, in partnership with Friends of Petrie Island. By 2015, the camps were full, and many children were growing out of the mini kayaks. Sarah Kennedy and Liz Orton decided to start a new canoe club, to serve Ottawa’s East End. Rideau got Petrie Island off to a great start, by gifting all of the original equipment. Petrie Island Canoe Club became a member club of Canoe Kayak Canada in 2016, offering three programs: Regatta-Ready (Two-Week Summer Camps), Youth Racing (Eight-Week Summer Camps), and Wednesday Open House Nights. Friends of Petrie Island continues to work closely with Petrie Island Canoe Club, to provide our campers with regular opportunities for ecological learning and stewardship.

Club Staff & Board of Directors OPEN


Sarah Kennedy, Club Head Coach / Commodore Sarah is volunteering again as Head Coach in 2022-23. Sarah “used to be fast”, and thoroughly enjoys coaching developing athletes. She loves kids and nature, and firmly believes that she has the best job in the world.

To read more about Sarah’s journey to “Commodore-ship” please visit Sarah (Mullen) Kennedy

2023 Board of Directors

  • Sarah Kennedy (Commodore)
  • Cristina Savulescu (Vice Commodore)
  • Wendy McCallum (Secretary)
  • Stefanie Marcus (Treasurer)
  • Liz Hill (Paddling Director)
  • Amita Reyal (Member-at-large)
  • Sonia Lecordier (Member-at-Large)
  • Alex Devlin (Member-at-Large)
  • Hicham Kalouche (Member-at-Large)
  • Holly Longhurst (Member-at-Large)
  • Craig Clark (Member-at-Large)

Mission Statement OPEN
  • To offer a variety of paddling programs, providing paddling opportunities for all levels, ages, and abilities.
  • To support and promote the development of paddlers who can be proud of individual and team accomplishments on and off the water.
  • To foster a sense of community, providing a fun, family-oriented, and friendly environment, where individuals and families develop a sense of belonging.
  • To manage club assets responsibly, through effective short and long-term planning, strong management and fiscal control, continued growth and investment, and effective communication.
  • To be good stewards of the environment, through our youth educational programs promoting ecological awareness and volunteerism, and by protecting clean waterways and natural ecosystems on and around Petrie Island.
  • To promote gender equality and make paddling accessible to people with disabilities.

Fair Play Code OPEN

For Athletes

  1. I will participate because I want to, not just because my parents or coaches want me to.
  2. I will play by the rules and in the spirit of the game.
  3. I will control my temper – fighting and “mouthing off”, can spoil the activity for everybody.
  4. I will respect my opponents.
  5. I will do my best to be a true team player.
  6. I will remember that winning isn’t everything; having fun, improving skills, making friends, and doing my best are more important.
  7. I will acknowledge all good performances – those of my team and of my opponents.
  8. I will remember that coaches and officials are there to help me. I will accept their decisions and show them respect.

For Coaches

  1. I will be reasonable when scheduling activities, remembering that young athletes have other interests and obligations.
  2. I will teach my athletes to play fairly and to respect the rules, officials, and opponents.
  3. I will ensure that all athletes get equal instruction, support, and time.
  4. I will not ridicule or yell at my athletes for making mistakes or for performing poorly. I will remember that children play to have fun and must be encouraged to have confidence in themselves.
  5. I will make sure that equipment and facilities are safe and match the training to athletes’ ages and abilities.
  6. I will remember that children need a coach they can respect. I will be generous with praise and set a good example.
  7. I will obtain proper training and continue to upgrade my coaching skills.

For Officials

  1. I will make sure that every athlete has a reasonable opportunity to perform to the best of his or her ability, within the limits of the rules.
  2. I will avoid or put an end to any situation that threatens the safety of the athletes.
  3. I will maintain a healthy atmosphere and environment for competition.
  4. I will not permit the intimidation of any athlete either by word or by action. I will not tolerate unacceptable conduct toward myself, other officials, athletes or spectators.
  5. I will be consistent and objective in calling all infractions, regardless of my personal feelings toward a team or individual athlete.
  6. I will handle all conflicts firmly but with dignity.
  7. I accept my role as a teacher and role model for fair play, especially with young participants.
  8. I will be open to discussion and contact with the athletes before and after the session.
  9. I will remain open to constructive criticism and show respect and consideration for different points of view.
  10. I will obtain proper training and continue to upgrade my officiating skills.

For Parents

  1. I will not force my child to participate in sports.
  2. I will remember that my child engages in sports for his or her enjoyment, not for mine.
  3. I will encourage my child to follow the rules and resolve conflicts without resorting to hostility or violence.
  4. I will teach my child that doing one’s best is winning, so that my child will never feel defeated by the outcome.
  5. I will make my child feel like a winner every time by offering praise for competing fairly and trying hard.
  6. I will never ridicule or yell at my child for making a mistake or losing a competition.
  7. I will remember that children learn best by example. I will applaud good plays/performances by both my child’s team and their opponents.
  8. I will never question the officials’ judgment or honesty in public.
  9. I will support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from children’s sporting activities.
  10. I will show respect and appreciation for the coaches, officials, and volunteers who give their time to provide sports activities for my child.

For Spectators

  1. I will remember that children play sports for their enjoyment. They are not playing to entertain me
  2. I will not have unrealistic expectations. I will remember that child athletes are not miniature professionals and cannot be judged by professional standards.
  3. I will respect the officials’ decision and I will encourage participants to do the same.
  4. I will never ridicule an athlete for making a mistake during a competition. I will give positive comments that motivate and encourage continued effort.
  5. I will condemn the use of violence in any form and will express my disapproval in an appropriate manner to coaches and officials.
  6. I will show respect for my team’s opponents, because without them there would be no event.
  7. I will not use bad language, nor will I harass athletes, coaches, officials or other spectators.

Canoe Club By-Laws OPEN

Article 1 Name and Identity

  • The name of the Association shall be the Petrie Island Canoe Club (Petrie Island Canoe Club), and the French name shall be le Club de Canoë-Kayak de l’Île Pétrie, hereinafter referred to as the Club.
  • The official colours of the Club are green with purple and white. The recreational Club emblem is a turtle holding a paddle, and the Club racing jersey shall be predominantly green in colour.

Article 2 Definitions

In these By-laws, the following definitions shall apply:

  • The “Fiscal Year” shall run from the 1st of October to the 30th of September.
  • The “Membership Year” shall run from the 1st of October to the 30th of September.
  • The “Executive” means the Executive Officers, and includes the Commodore, Vice-Commodore, Secretary, Treasurer, and Paddling Director.
  • The “Board” means the directors of the Club, including the Executive Officers and Past Commodore, as well as positions deemed appropriate by the Executive.
  • A “Registered Paddler” means someone who has registered for a paddling program with the club.
  • A “Member in good standing” means any member who has paid the required fees, and is not the subject of disciplinary action.
  • A “Special Resolution” means a resolution passed by not less than three fourths of such members entitled to vote as are present in person, at a meeting of which notice specifying the intention to propose the resolution as a special resolution has been duly given.

Article 3 Memberships

Membership shall be open to all residents of Orléans and surrounding areas. Each member eighteen years of age and over is entitled to one vote. For family members under the age of eighteen, the member’s parent or guardian is entitled to one vote per family.

Candidates for membership must:

  1. Complete an application in a form approved from time to time by the Executive Committee.
  2. Pay a membership fee which has been proposed by the Executive Committee and ratified by the membership. This fee is due and payable at a time prescribed by the Executive Committee.
  3. Be approved by the Executive Committee. Such approval is not to be unreasonably withheld.
  4. Membership in the Club is forfeited by failure to pay the application fee by the time prescribed by the Executive Committee. Membership may also be forfeited by failure to abide by the rules and regulations of the Club as determined from time to time by the Executive Committee.

There shall be the following categories of membership:

  • Participating Members: Those members who have paid the required fee and who are actively participating in the Club Program. The requirements and age limits for the categories will be determined and established by the board with regard to the Canoe Kayak Canada regulations.
  • Family Member: A family member is a registered paddler, parent, legal guardian or sibling of the same family living in the same household. Each family may designate 2 adults (18 years of age or older as of January 1st of the current calendar year) as the Designated Guardians.
  • Associate Member: Those persons who have paid the required fee and demonstrate an interest in the affairs of the Club and are non-paddling participants in the Club.
  • Lifetime Member: From time to time, the Club may honour certain persons with a lifetime membership in the Club.
  • Honorary Member: The Board of Directors may from time to time, by unanimous vote, grant an Honorary Membership to an individual.

Article 4 Executive Officers

The Club Executive Officers shall be the Commodore, the Vice-Commodore, the Secretary, the Treasurer, and the Paddling Director.

Election Procedures:

  1. The registration/nominating committee shall select one candidate for each office and present each slate of nominees at the Annual General Meeting.
  2. At the Annual General Meeting, the Chair shall ask for nominations from the floor, and the names of any members so nominated shall be added to the list, provided they are present at the Annual General Meeting and have consented to the nomination. Nominations from the floor must receive a seconder.
  3. Officers shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting by majority vote of the voting members present, providing there is a quorum present. A quorum is defined as 15% of the registered membership and voting as stated in Article 3, paragraph 2. In the event that no candidate receives a majority vote on the first ballot, all but the two highest shall be eliminated and the balloting continued. If the vote remains a tie after the second ballot, the election shall be decided by lot. In the event that there is but one candidate for each office, the ballot may be dispensed with and the nominees elected by acclamation.
  4. The office of Commodore is a two year term. The incumbent Commodore may be re-elected to consecutive two year terms subject to the requirements stated in this Article.
  5. All other offices are to be held for a single term. The incumbent may run for consecutive terms subject to any of the requirements in this Article.
  6. The mode of elections for Club Officers is the secret ballot.


  • A vacancy occurring in the office of Commodore shall be filled for the unexpired term by the Vice-Commodore.
  • A vacancy occurring in the office of Vice-Commodore shall be filled for the unexpired term by special election at any meeting.
  • A vacancy occurring in any of the remaining offices shall be filled for the unexpired term by majority vote of the Executive Committee.

Duties of the Officers:

  • The Commodore shall:
    • Be subject to the majority approval of the officers, appoint the chairperson of all committees.
    • Not be a member of the nominating committee.
    • Endeavor to serve the Club in a strictly impartial manner.
    • Endeavor to publicize and promote the sport in general and the Club in particular.
    • Endeavor to keep the Club on the best representative level in the Eastern Ontario Division of Canoe Kayak Canada and OCSRA.
    • Keep the membership of the Club fully informed of all matters concerning the Club at all times.
    • Counter sign all cheques drawn on Club funds.
    • Be permitted to commit to expend up to 10% of any one category of the approved annual budget in any one calendar month.
  • The Vice-Commodore shall:
    • Perform the duties of the Commodore in the absence of the Commodore, and shall perform such duties as are delegated by the Executive Committee.
    • Assist the Executive Committee in all ways.
    • Assume the powers of the Commodore in the absence of the Commodore.
    • Succeed to the office of Commodore in the event of a vacancy in the office of Commodore.
    • Countersign cheques in the absence of the Commodore.
  • The Secretary shall:
    • Keep an accurate record of all special, general and annual meetings of the Club.
    • Countersign cheques in the absence of the Vice-Commodore.
    • Endeavor to notify all members and parents and guardians of annual, general and special meetings.
    • Keep a record of all correspondence.
    • Have at all special, general, and annual meetings, a copy of the Club’s by-laws and a current copy of Robert’s Rules of Order.
    • Have custody of the Club seal.
  • The Treasurer shall:
    • Have custody of all Club funds and make disbursements only as authorized by the Executive Committee.
    • Be responsible to develop and present to the Executive for approval, a yearly budget, and present printed monthly income and expenditure statements by category, as presented in the approved budget.
    • Be bonded in the amount prescribed by the Executive Committee, the premium being paid from the Club funds.
    • Prepare a written report of the financial position of the Club. The report shall contain a balance sheet and operating account for the fiscal year. This report shall be submitted to the Executive Committee no later than fifteen days after the current fiscal year end for audit.
    • Be the primary signatory on all cheques.
  • The Paddling Director shall:
    • Assure there is Club representation at Ontario Canoe Sprint Racing Affiliation and Eastern Ontario Division of Canoe Kayak Canada meetings called by their Chairpersons.
    • Liaise with the Head Coach to ensure there is a comprehensive written paddling plan for the Club.
    • Keep abreast of safety issues and make recommendations to the Executive Committee.
    • Keep an up to date written equipment inventory and the status of repair of the equipment.
  • The Fundraising Member shall:
    • Initiate major fundraising events to meet the objectives set by the Executive.
    • Ensure ongoing fundraising opportunities such as regatta and Club canteens are operated and staffed.
  • The Community Liaison shall:
    • Endeavor to hold a minimum of 4 special events per year for the membership outside of paddling.
    • Be responsible for the promotion of the Club and its events within the community and surrounding areas with the aim of expanding the membership.
    • Develop and maintain ties to other groups within the community of Orléans to enhance Club programs and capabilities.
  • Retiring Officers:
    • The retiring officers of the Club shall meet with the incoming officers within thirty days of the annual meeting, at which meeting all incoming officers shall receive all files, records, and pertinent information whether written or oral, pertinent to the operation of the Club.
  • Removal of Officers:
    • An Officer failing to fulfill the obligations of their office to the Club may be replaced by a two thirds majority vote of the Officers. The request for resignation shall be sent to the Officer by registered mail or in person. The officer will then have fourteen (14) days to reply to the Executive Committee. Failure to reply shall cause the position to be declared vacant. Irrespective of the reply received, the decision of the Officers may still stand.

Article 5 The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall:

  • Be composed of the Executive Officers of the Club who shall have voting power, and the Head Coach, who shall have voting power, except on issues which concern his/her employment contract, employment conditions or matters where he/she directly receives financial or in kind benefits.
  • Supervise the affairs of the Club and shall be authorized to transact and carry out any business which must be completed before the next annual, general or, special meeting.
  • Have the authority to enter into any contracts, agreements and transactions on behalf of the Club within the approved budget.
  • Have a minimum of eight executive meetings a year.

A quorum for an Executive Committee shall be three voting members of that committee.

A vote of the majority of those present, a quorum being present, shall constitute effective

Article 6 Committees

Each committee, both standing and special, shall have an Officer as a sitting member, who may be the chairperson only if requested by the committee members.

The standing committees are:

  • Buildings and Grounds with the Vice-Commodore as a member.
  • Paddling with the Paddling Director as a member.
  • Fundraising with the Fundraising Member as a member.
  • Promotion/Publicity with the Community Liaison as a member.
  • Nominating/Registration Committee with the Registrar as a member
  • Communications with the Secretary as a member.

Special committees may be appointed when deemed necessary by the Executive Committee. The duties and powers of the standing and ad hoc committees are to be determined by the Executive Committee. The procedure followed by the various committees shall be determined by the individual committee, unless directed otherwise by the Executive Committee. Minutes of all committee meetings shall be kept for a minimum of five years. Committees shall report back to the Executive Committee unless otherwise directed by the Executive Committee. Committees shall submit written reports detailing operations 5 days prior to any general or special meeting of the membership, or 10 days prior to the Annual General Meeting.

Article 7 Meetings

There shall be at least two meetings in the fiscal year; one Annual General Meeting to be held in October, and one Semi-Annual Meeting to be held in May. A quorum shall consist of 15% of the registered voting members of the Club, at any annual, semi-annual or special meeting of the Club.

Annual General Meeting:

  • The Annual General Meeting shall be held in October.
  • Every reasonable effort shall be made by the Officers to notify all voting members at least ten days prior to the meeting. Notice shall be given by email to the most recent address provided by the member to the Registrar.
  • The election of Officers shall occur at the Annual General Meeting.

Special Meetings:

  • Special meetings may be called by the Commodore or by the majority of the Executive Committee, or by one third of the voting membership. All reasonable efforts are to be made to give notice of the principal business of the special meeting to the voting membership and parents or guardians. Notice shall be given by email to the most recent address provided by the member to the Registrar.
  • Notice of the special meeting shall state the purpose for which it is called and no other business shall be transacted.

Article 8 Audit

An audit shall be made of the Club’s financial records by a qualified person or persons, independent of the Club, appointed by the Executive Committee. Such audit shall be a written report to the members, upon balance sheet and operating account, properly drawn up so as to exhibit a true and correct view of the Club’s affairs. Such audit shall be read at the Annual General Meeting, signed by two officers, and filed with the Business Development Center of Ontario in accordance with filing guidelines. A list of present officers shall be included with each audit.

Article 9 Indemnities to Directors, Officers and Others

Every director or officer of the Club or any other person who has undertaken or is about to undertake any liability on behalf of the Club and his or her heirs, executors and administrators, and estate and effects, respectively, shall from time to time and at all times, be indemnified and saved harmless out of the funds of the Club, from and against the following:

  • All costs, charges and expenses whatsoever which such directors, officers or other person sustains or incurs in or about any action, suit or proceeding that is brought, commenced or prosecuted against him or her, for on in respect of any act, deed, mater or thing whatsoever made, done or permitted by him or her, in or about the execution of the duties of his or her office; and
  • All other costs, charges and expenses that he or she sustains or incurs in or about or in relation to the affairs thereof, except such costs, charges or expenses as are occasioned by his or her own willful neglect or default.

Article 10 For the Protection of Directors and Officers

Limit of Director’s Liability. No director or officer for the time being of the Club shall be liable for the acts, receipts, neglects or defaults of any other director or officer or employee or for any loss, damage or expense happening to the Club through the insufficiency or deficiency of title to any property acquired by order of the Board or for or on behalf of the Club or for the insufficiency of deficiency of any security in or upon which any of the moneys of or belonging to the Club shall be placed out or invested or for any loss or damage arising from the bankruptcy, insolvency or tortious act of any person, firm or company with whom or which any moneys, securities or effects shall be lodged or deposited or for any other loss, damage or misfortune whatever which may happen in the execution of the duties of such director’s or officer’s respective office or trust or in relation thereto unless the same shall happen by or through the director’s or officer’s own wrongful and willful act or through his or her own wrongful and willful neglect or default.

Article 11 Borrowing

The Executive Committee, upon a motion passed by not less than four fifths of the Executive Committee, shall be empowered to take out a mortgage, and borrow up to 20% of the Club’s operating revenue up to a maximum of $15,000.00 in any one fiscal year, provided that five (5) days’ notice of such motion has been given to the Executive Committee. Monies are to be appropriated only for purposes consistent with the objects and goals of the Club.

Article 12 Inspections of Books

Upon notice in writing, a member of the Club may inspect the books and records of the Club at a time mutually convenient to the member and the member of the Executive Committee who has custody of the record books. The time between the notice being given in writing by the member, and the time for the inspection of the books and records is not to be unreasonable under the circumstances.

Article 13 Complaints

Any complaint concerning the management of the affairs of the Club or its employees, or relating to the conduct of a member, shall be made in writing to the Secretary or to the Commodore. At the next meeting of the Board of Directors the Board will be made aware of the complaint and will determine the appropriate course of action to ensure that the complaint is addressed in accord with the rules, regulations and policies of the Club.

Article l4 Seal

The Secretary of the Club shall be charged with the custody of the Seal of the Club and the seal shall be fixed to all contracts, deeds and other instruments or documents on behalf of the Club by the Secretary.

Article 15 Parliamentary Authority

The latest edition of Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern the deliberations of the Club.

Article 16 Amendments

  • The by-laws may be amended or rescinded by a majority vote at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Amendments shall become effective on November 2nd of the same year.
  • An approved amendment shall not be acted upon or enforced until appropriate approvals have been