Have a Great Summer…Paddle with Us!

Petrie Island Canoe Club is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization, serving the community of Orleans by providing top-quality local recreation to people of all ages and abilities through its paddling programs. Paddlers immerse themselves in nature, exploring the waters surrounding Petrie’s ecological reserve.

Outdoor Summer Camps where kids canoe & kayak, play hard, make friends, and have fun all day long!

Dragon Boat for Adults! Round up a team, and register by email: petriecanoe@gmail.com

Petrie Island Canoe Club participants rolling a waterlogged log up the beach at Petrie Island A group of Petrie Island Canoe Club participants led by their Coach Petrie Island Canoe Club Group Photo

Canoeing is Canada’s national heritage. Rivers were our first highways, and canoes have been bringing us together since long before we were ever a country. Paddling is both an excellent social sport and a spiritual experience. It puts us in touch with the natural world, and nurtures our souls.

“…Paddle a hundred miles in a canoe, and you become a child of nature”P.E. Trudeau.

“As a developing athlete, my coaches encouraged an intense but highly social program that kept our training group hungry for more work, and eager to take on new challenges. We worked hard, but in an environment with a lot of variety, where fun was always a major priority. Success came easily to our group as we made the transition to international competition because another challenge was just what we were looking for.”

Adam van Koeverden, Canadian Olympic Champion

Want to see what summer is like at a canoe club? Check out this awesome video, by Joannie Verret from our friends at the Club de Canoë Kayak du Lac Beauport(QC):

To learn more about sprint canoe-kayak, visit http://canoekayak.ca/go-paddling/sprint/


  • Visit the Programs page for more information about our Summer Youth Racing Sprint Program and our Regatta-Ready Program for Boys and Girls.
  • Petrie Island Canoe Club will be contributing in an awesome way to the Kiwanis Club’s 150th Canada Day Celebrations on Petrie Island. Stay tuned for details!
  • Visit the CKC‘s Eastern Ontario Division(EOD) website to view the Summer 2017 Regatta Schedule

Watch Canoe Kayak Canada’s Promotional Video!

“…the song our paddle sings in the stillness
tells the story of a country.
It’s a song born here that echoes through history.
An ode to distance, the unknown.
We sweat, burn, push and fight, not for money or glory or accolades
but because it reminds us of who we are.
Screwloose daredevils and romantic obsessives,
most ourselves in the rage and the whip and the whirl
then the reflective silence
before the gun goes
and we know we’re home”

Visit the CKC Youtube Channel for more inspirational videos!