2018 Winter Registration Now Open!

  • Group practice on the water at Petrie Island

Petrie Island Canoe Club

Happy New Year!!

We would like to wish paddlers everywhere a happy and prosperous 2019!
A warm welcome to our new Board Members:
Patrick Wilmot has been elected as Liaison to Wabano Centre.  Here is a link to his blog:  http://patrickwilmot.blogspot.com/
Cristina Savulescu has been elected as “Brand Ambassador”.
Marilynn Chenette has been elected as “Registrar”.

Winter Training 2018-2019

This is PICC’s winter training season. Check out the options below, and choose the schedule that works best for you!

If you play another sport, and are looking for an awesome way to keep fit in your off-season, join us for the best variety of cross-training in town!  Kids as young as 12 years may participate in three sessions a week, and athletes 15 years and up may come to as many as nine sessions!  We offer an incredible variety of activities, designed to build well-rounded athletes, and to keep them in optimal shape for the racing season!

We cross-train all winter, so we’re ready to start strong by spring thaw. 

Athletes from other sports are welcome to join.  Get ready for your next season – COME TRAIN with US!!

CLICK HERE for Program Information

Petrie Island Canoe Club – Get Outside, Stay Outside!

Petrie Island Canoe Club is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization, serving the community of Orleans by providing top-quality local recreation to people of all ages and abilities through its paddling programs.

Since 2016, PICC has offered full-year training for canoe-kayak athletes, including 6 months of winter cross-training.

Winter Training runs from November until April/May, for kids 12 and up.  We offer up to nine practices per week, including swimming, pool paddling, running, circuits/weights, skiing, team sports, and a variety of agility & balance games and drills. For more information on these and all other programs visit the Programs Section

Summer Programs (spanning July & August), are always very busy.  Regatta-Ready programs wrap up with a low-key, novice regatta every two weeks.  Youth Racing athletes compete most weekends.  For younger kids, the competitive season culminates with the Provincial Championships.  Athletes 15 years and older may attend Spring Training Camp in Florida, compete for a berth on Team Canada at the National Team Trials, and race at the National Championships, for their club.

Spring and Fall Training programs (May-June, and Sept-Nov respectively), include running, resistance, and on-water practices.  Younger athletes may attend three practices per week, while older athletes may train as many as eight times per week.